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Finally Splitboarding! Kloben tour May 5, 2016

Splitboard Tour Kloben from Fuschertörl 5. Mai 2016
with: Chris Hesselbach, Clemens Hiller, Philip Volker, Michi Riepl

I was actually pretty happy to hear that my riding buddies were thinking about arranging a splitboard tour, now that the winter snowboard season is technically over. We have had a trying winter which didn’t even begin until some time in February. There were only a couple of great powder days, as either the winds or the elevated...

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Taged spots New: Großglockner Heiligenblut open

FWQ 3* Morgins Freesession: February 20th 2016

4 years after my very first FWQ competition in Morgins Switzerland, it was time to return to the sleepy winter paradise. The first time around I managed to finish last following a wildly unspectacular line and a butt check at the top. I wanted to try a more challenging line this time around and hoped that the snow conditions would make that possible. I rode to Switzerland together with Birgit Ertl, an Austrian skier, and snowboarder Bettina Pickl. I also planned to meet up with Valeria Apostolo, an Italian skier I met back years ago competing in Italy. We had some harsh conditions on...

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FWQ 3* Verbier: January 17th 2016 WHITEOUT

When my 6 ½ week surfing vacation to Thailand and Indonesia turned into a 6 ½ week vacation on crutches in Phuket because I fractured my ankle severely playing soccer on the beach with a bunch of guys from Myanmar, I didn’t realize it would be such a long road to recovery. It wasn’t the first time I had broken it and generally I was back up and running within a few months. Breaking it early September in 2014 seemed like it wouldn’t be a big deal or really effect my winter season. I was wrong. 2 months of misdiagnosis, treatments, physical therapy and on and off of crutches for months was...

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Taged spots New: Verbier open

The Wild Wild West Adventure Final episode - FWQ 4* Subaru Freeride Series Big Sky Montana: April 2nd-7th

April 7th: The morning started out with the roar of the avalanche blasting in the background. Today is my last day here and I can feel the nostalgia creeping in already as I have been having fun hanging out with the locals here, meeting likeminded people is always great. I guess my sore feet will be appreciating a short break in boarding but my heart will sorely miss my new made friends here.
I had plans to meet up with some more local riders, Corey and Jacob, as arranged the night of the party. Jacob couldn’t make it but Blair had time again which was cool. I met up with the guys...

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